Our Story

KRYO Bags was born in 2017 out of an unmet need. Our founder, Finnegan, is a rep in the Outdoor industry and spends a significant portion of his time traveling around the country showcasing the latest styles and trends for popular brands. A passionate follower of a paleo-keto diet, Finnegan has always found it difficult to find the high-quality foods he likes to eat in the gas stations and convenience stores he encounters on the open road.
To maintain his way of eating on long drives and even longer flights, Finnegan started bringing his own food with him while traveling but struggled to keep his fish, meats, and vegetables fresh for days at a time. Looking around for a solution, he saw either expensive and overpriced insulated product brands or incredibly cheap brands that he could tell wouldn’t last.
With the industry knowledge of what it takes to make a durable yet stylish brand come to life, Finnegan decided to start his own brand that would be high-quality, affordable, and more aesthetically pleasing than anything else on the market. 
Inspired by a memorable trip to Greece, the name KRYO, meaning “cold” in Greek, was chosen and KRYO Bags was born.